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Yeah... the U.S. government and the federal courts have been "salami-slicing" away the American people's rights (as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights) since the UNPatriots Act of 2001... not to say that they in any way, shape, or form payed anything more than lip service to those rights before the passage of the Act.


Very different legal situation, no Bill of Rights (not that those are a panacea nor without problems). We also have two historic Police States (QLD and WA), and NSW is plunging into outright Fascism, including banning protests on roads, footpaths, parks, pretty much any public space except at the forbearance of whichever Bluefella on the spot has the biggest jowls (I think that's how you work out which one is in charge).

So, under many many circumstances, Photography Is Indeed A Crime.

On the other hand, very few Australians are shot by Police, although Blackfellas die like Flies whenever Bluefellas get them away from the public gaze.

And we wont even mention Peter "Herr Spuddler" Dutton(who is a sort of evolved Bluefella) and his Uniformed Goons of Border Farce.

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