Journalists Arrested for Interviewing Portland Police Officers


Journalists Arrested for Interviewing Portland Police Officers and Local District Attorney

Portland Oregon where journalists are arrested for attempting to interview Portland Police Officers and District Attorney. Oregon Journalists Bob West and Eli Richey both have a colorful history as it relates to documenting the employees of Oregon Law Enforcement agencies, both have been arrested multiple times for various phony charges only to later have the charges dropped by the DA’s office sadly this is not the case this time.

As of Friday, July 21, 2017, Eli Richey is in custody with a $250,000.00 bond for six misdemeanors and Bob is free on his own recognizance with a promise to appear on Tuesday next week for a first appearance. I expect that Eli will be released early next week as well because the bail amount is purely punitive and simply a result of the staff at the county jail politicking and plotting revenge against Eli for documenting the Portland Police Bureau employees, a 100% lawful and legal act.

Video report from Mike Bluehair captures the whole event.

Portland Police are Targeting cop watchers for arrest to silence them!

These Kind of punitive arrests are having a chilling effect on our ability to continue our vital accountability work in our community. Please contact the ACLU and ask them to help us! 503-227-6928

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