With all the murders down here, you would think that South Florida cops wouldn’t need to stage a murder to get their point across.

But this is the Hollywood Police Department, whose officers are better known for running drugs and money for an organized criminal gang, who as it turned out, were just acting like an organized criminal gang. They were actually Feds.

Those Hollywood officers who have not been incarcerated are concerned about their pensions, so they will do whatever they can to oust City Commissioner Beam Furr and replace him with Peter Hernandez.

Even if means creating an alarming political ad that insinuates that Furr is directly responsible for the ten murders that occurred in his district last year, not to mention an 11th staged murder.

The staged murder in the photo comes complete with yellow police ribbon, sheet-covered corpse and and an authentic walkie-talkie carrying cop.

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

The flier tells voters “10 out of 14 murder victims in the City of Hollywood were killed in your District last year.” The mailing also shows Hollywood police Lt. Jeff Marano peeking under a yellow sheet covering most of a body — only the feet and a hand stick out.

It looks like a scene from CSI: Miami. This is Hollywood, after all.

The Miami Herald insists that the ad was paid for by the Tallahassee Police Benevolent Association, which is based almost 500 miles north of Hollywood and might as well be in another state.

The Sun-Sentinel states that it was the Broward PBA who paid for the ad, which makes more sense.

As they say in certain parts of Miami: Yo ne creo en el Herald.

But then again, the Sun-Sentinel reporter did call it a “yellow sheet”.


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