Kansas Man Swings Dog As Weapon Against Police Officer


Kansas Man Swings Dog As Weapon Against Police Officer, Fails Miserably, Faces Cruelty Charges.

A Kansas man swung his small dog on it’s leash to use it as a weapon to hit an officer in perhaps one of the worst possible ways to combat police,

The incident was captured on dash cam footage below.

It all began over a report of a man under the influence,walking around and through people’s yard’s; allegedly kicking their fences on Sunday evening.

While this seems like such a minor crime, possibly not even warranting arrest- what this Kansas tippler did next warrants arrest and scorn.

On video, Michael Rush, 26, can be seen walking his small dog and seemingly not doing anything wrong when the Park City, Kansas police officer approaches.

Rush attempts to walk away from the cop who is trying to speak to him. Eventually, Rush charged the officer and shrugged off attempts to use pepper spray.

But when his attempt to hit the cop proved completely futile, then the young man used the leash to swing his small pet by it’s throat in a desperate attempt to batter the officer.

“I’ve seen people try to use a dog and sic it on someone as a weapon, but I’ve never seen someone pick up a dog and swing it through the air to use it as a weapon before. That’s a first,” Park City Police Chief Phil Bostain told KSN-TV.

Following the assault by leashed dog, Rush was ultimately tased and taken into custody.

He’s now deservedly facing a charge of animal cruelty among other offenses for his “Dog As Weapon” fiasco.

The dog was reportedly unharmed, but has been taken into “protective custody.”

It is unclear if it will be returned to Rush.

“Everyone sees this little dog that’s defenseless. This dog’s not here by its own choice, and it’s used as a weapon. It’s disturbing,” said Chief Bostain.

Frustration when being harassed by a cop for seemingly no reason is entirely understandable. But there are definitely better options to defend yourself than harming a defenseless animal that trusts you.

Film as much as you can of the encounter with your phone. Download an app like periscope to send your arrest out over social media instantly. Fight the battle in the courtroom later and let the tax payers who won’t pay to train cops pay to salve your wounds.

Just please, for goodness sake, do not think of your dog as a cop-beating nunchuck, or try this at home.


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