LAPD Officer Byrd, Understands The Value of Video


LAPD Officer Byrd, Understands The Value of Video

PINAC Correspondent, Phillip Hernandez while working in the Wilmington District of the City of Los Angeles comes across a police activity and begins to document the encounter. What happened prior to his arrival is a mystery, but what he finds is three menhandcuffed and being held by Officer Byrd and his partner. As the encounter unfolds, you can hear one of the three men, say “Damn Homie”, Officer Byrd then asks, “Do you have a problem, with him recording?” to the three handcuffed men.

Not knowing officer Byrd’s intentions, Hernandez challenges Byrd, asking him “why he was instigating something?”

After a brief conversation, we discover that Officer Byrd, gets it and completely understands the value of video.

The encounter ends with all three men being released, and Hernandez getting to meet a member of the LAPD who understands and respects the rights of citizens and the value of video, which comes as a complete surprise based upon so many other interactions with the LAPD.


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