LAPD Refusing to Provide Details of Pedestrian They Struck

Joshua Brown

LAPD Refusing to Provide Details of Pedestrian They Struck

A Los Angeles police officer named Mejia struck a pedestrian crossing the street Tuesday, leaving him injured in the street for 30 minutes before paramedics arrived.

The officer was on his way to another emergency call pertaining to an officer in need of assistance

The black male pedestrian was struck at the intersection of 6th and Springs Street.

Witnesses say the man was thrown to the air and knocked out of his shoes because Mejia was driving too fast to make a safe turn, never coming to a complete stop at the intersection, thus hitting the pedestrian.

The pedestrian ended up laying in the middle of the street in obvious pain.

It took 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive as police stood over him. The pedestrian was taken to an undisclosed hospital, LAPD has not released his name.

LAPD media relations told PINAC News that no official statement will be made regarding this matter, other than to say the officer is still on duty pending an accident review.

Los Angeles-based Jasmyne Cannick, who first reported about the incident, gathered the following comments from witnesses.

“On my way home after a job interview I was walking to the bus and heard a skid and thump down the block…. the LAPD HIT A BLACK ELDER WITH THEIR CAR ON 6th and Spring. HARD. I turned late and saw him rolling, others said he flew into the air before he dropped. Instead of getting a fucking ambulance they called backup and denied him medical care for 30 minutes. Intersection was swarming with pigs but no EMTs. He couldn’t get up or move. Some people said he died but I didn’t see them move him into the ambo I was trying to get a hold of security cam footage but the cops took it.”

As the officer started making the turn you can tell he was not paying attention at all. He was driving too fast to make the turn safely and did not even come to a complete stop before making the turn. Then there was a loud Smack! followed by an agonizing scream, he was moaning in pain with his hands in the air as if he was reaching for something. His shoes both were flung from under him and he then went into shock on the ground. Other cops began to show up and block off the incident. I also noticed the cop move the victim’s shoes from their original location and place them next to the victim which I thought was odd. I became overwhelmed with sadness and shock and I left the scene after a few minutes.
This is true!! I was there when it happened. At least a dozen people witnessed the hit and people gathered around and recorded the scene on their phones… I hope they get the video up on social media. I didn’t see if he survived or not but he was wasn’t moving much, he was just laying there on the street. So sad. I think they took him to California… I hope he survives and the officers responsible are prosecuted.

Los Angeles paramedics are also not commenting, citing HIPAA laws. Click on Cannick’s site to see more photos or contact her if you know this man because she is trying to identify him.


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