Man Arrested for FB Posts Threatening to Kill Cops after Walking into Station

Nathan Dimoff

A Georgia man says he was only trying to raise awareness about police abuse when he threatened to kill cops on FB.

Joshua James Bolieiro, 37, arrived at the Powder Springs Police Department on Monday to speak to officers about his concerns on police brutality and a possible pedophilia ring.

Unbeknownst to him, police had an arrest warrant for him and took Bolieiro into custody, according to Maj. Dwayne Prosser.

He was charged on a felony charge of Terroristic Threats and Acts and currently has no bond, according to arrest records.

Bolieiro over the weekend posted a status on his Facebook page that was reported to police which said "the next police officer that speaks to me will die," which raised alarm when he came into the department to speak to police.

Bolieiro comments on the post were saved before the post was removed.

As you scroll Bolieiro's Facebook page, you can see posts about police misconduct, his beliefs on the shape of the earth, his thoughts on vaccines and government corruption, many of them riddled with comments from the pro-cop crowd.

On Sunday, he uploaded a video attempting to explain why he made the post, basically saying he does not intend to kill any cops but he was just trying to draw attention to his social media channels, including his Facebook posts and his two YouTube channels because nobody had been paying attention.

The things I said, I understand why you’re upset. Based on the message that I left, there’s great reason for a lot of you to be concerned, so I understand if you’re upset, but I wasn’t getting through making all these other Facebook posts no one was getting my attention, no one was trying to contact me, no one was trying to do anything by doing things the 'right way' (making air quotes)

So I decided to try and do things the wrong way and it worked. I'm getting a lot of feedback from a lot of you.

​But that was before he dropped by the Powder Springs Police Department the following day to talk to them about police corruption and a pedophilia ring he's been trying to expose.

On Monday, two days after threatening to kill the next cop that speaks to him, he walked into the police department to speak to them about police corruption, apparently figuring the cops had seen his video and understood where he was coming from.

Instead, they had a warrant for his arrest.

The Powder Springs Police Department put out a press release on their Facebook stating:

The Powder Springs Police Department has placed Joshua James Bolieiro under arrest for Terroristic Threats in violation of Official Code of Georgia Annotated 16-11-37.

Bolieiro was taken into custody shortly after 1:00 PM on June 11, 2018. Bolieiro came to the Powder Springs Police Department voluntarily. When Bolieiro arrived, officers took him into custody on an arrest warrant that was issued through the Cobb County magistrate court.

This was a collective effort between Powder Springs Police, Cobb Police, Cobb Sheriff’s Office and Cobb County DA’s Office. Powder Springs Police extends our gratitude to these agencies for their invaluable assistance.

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james amon

What a dumbass.

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