Man Receives $650,000 Settlement Less Than 2 Weeks After Beating

Carlos Miller

Man Receives $650,000 Settlement Less Than Two Weeks After Beating by Southern California Deputies Caught on Video

Less than two weeks after a video went viral, showing several Southern California deputies beating, punching and kicking a man as a news copter recorded it all from above, San Bernardino County agreed to a $650,000 settlement.

It was a speedy settlement for what may appear to be a whopping amount, but a jury trial would likely have resulted in even a larger payout considering the country seems to have finally acknowledged there is a serious problem with police abuse in this country.

Last year, it took just over two months for the California Highway Patrol to pay a $1.5 million settlement to a woman who was beaten on the side of an interstate in another video that went viral.

Police departments are even starting to settle in the hope to prevent videos from going viral as the Chicago Police Department did this month when it settled for $5 million within six months, hoping it would not have to release a dash cam video showing officers shooting a teenager 16 times as he was walking away when they had initially claimed he had lunged at them with a knife.

But a law enforcement agency agreeing to a settlement less than two weeks after a beating is almost unheard of considering cops have long used the courts in their favor to justify police abuse.

The incident in San Bernardino took place on April 9 as deputies went to the home of Jared Pusok with a warrant pertaining to an identity theft investigation.

Pusok led them on a three-hour chase through the Southern California desert where he stole a horse and continued his escape before deputies finally caught up to him.

The news video shows him surrendering by laying on his stomach with his arms spread out, then placing his hands behind his back, allowing himself to be handcuffed.

But two deputies began punching and kicking him with more and more deputies running up and joining the beating, which lasted more than two minutes.

Ten deputies remain suspended with pay as Sheriff John McMahon insists he is conducting a thorough investigation.


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