Mass. high school principal needs to shut the meep up

Carlos Miller

Back when I was a kid, you would have to kill somebody on campus before administrators would get police involved.

Now all you have to do is say the word “meep.”

It’s pretty meeped up, if you ask me.

The controversy comes to us from Danvers, Mass., whose history of persecution stems back to the Salem Witch Trials.

Danvers High School principal Thomas Murray banned the use of the word meep last week because he feared that students were planning a major disruption on school grounds using the word.

The word doesn’t mean anything but it can be substituted for profanity or just be used as a greeting, according to Urban Dictionary.

Can mean whatever you want it to mean, but the most popular uses are:

  1. An exclamation akin to ‘ouch’ or ‘uh oh..’
  2. Filling in the blanks where other (rude) words would go.
  3. A greeting! I personally say meep instead of Hello…
  4. A random expression of happiness used to fill gaps in conversation.

The ban of the word prompted New York attorney Theodora Michaels to send an email to Danver school administrators simply stating the word “meep” in the subject line.

She received a response from assistant principal Mark Strout informing her that her email had been forward to the Danver Police Department.

This is how she explains it on her blog:

It’s been a long time since I was in high school, but I still remember what it was like to be young, and chafing under what seemed like arbitrary and capricious rules set down by school authorities.
So in solidarity with the students of Danvers High, and on my own initiative, I took about five seconds and sent an email to Principal Thomas Murray ( ), Assistant Principal Mark Strout ( ), Assistant Principal Cornelia Varoudakis ( ), and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lisa Dana ( ). All of these addresses are publicly available on the Danvers High School website.
My subject line said (in full), “meep.” The body said (in full), “Meep.”
Yesterday I received a reply email from Assistant Principal Mark Strout, which said (in full) “Your E-mail has been forwarded to the Danvers Police Department.”

No word yet whether they are going to extradite her to Massachusetts for her crime.


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