Massachusetts Cops Force Way into Home

Carlos Miller

Massachusetts Cops Force Way into Home, Slapping Woman and Attempting to Snatch Camera.

Two Massachusetts cops forcibly entered a home, slapping a woman and trying to swipe a camera out of a man’s hands in a chaotic incident in which the man ended up dialing 911.

A risky move that could have easily escalated the armed home invasion.

It is not clear at this moment why the cops were at the home, but they can be heard later in the video saying they were not planning on arresting anybody.

But one cop still remained standing in the doorway, his foot planted in the doorway, preventing the woman from closing the door.

The Free Thought Project, which came across the video on Facebook today, said they have reached out to the Wareham Police Department for answers, only to receive no comment.

In the opening of the video, the man, identified by the Free Thought Project as Richard Phillips, announces to the cops that he is recording to comply with state law, which prompted officer George Chandler to smile and wave.

But then officer Jon Verhaegen entered and tried to snatch the camera.

However, as stringent as the Massachusetts wiretapping law is in not allowing citizens to secretly records cops, even if they have no expectation of privacy, the Glik vs Boston decision stated that one only has to make the camera visible.

But knowing how cops are in Massachusetts, it is best to spell it out for them to prevent an unlawful arrest.

Officers Verhaegen and Chandler can be reached via email through this contact list.

Or you can call the department directly at (508) 295-1212.


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