Miami Cop Arrested for Snorting Cocaine in Nightclub

Joshua Brown

The term “Turning up” is used by urban America that describes disorderly conduct via alcohol or illicit drugs.

A Miami cop was arrested for “Turning Up” via snorting cocaine up his nose at a popular south Florida club known as E11even Miami.

The nightclub’s surveillance video confirmed his actions. The video hasn’t been released yet because it’s considered investigative file.

Officer Adrian Santos was arrested on January 9, 2018 for his involvement in drug use that occurred in November 2017. Santos was at E11even Miami on November 17, 2017 partying while off-duty and not in uniform. But the Friday night turned bad for Santos when he began snorting cocaine on the dance floor. Club security noticed Santos inhaling a white powdery substance from a clear plastic bag.

Club security then notified officers that were on scene for general security. Santos was escorted outside of the club by security and turned over to waiting officers. It was at that moment that officers took Santos to the hospital to conduct a blood test, which tested positive for cocaine.

The arrest was delayed until the actual white substance was tested.

Forensic analysis positively identified the powdery white substance as cocaine on Monday January 8. Subsequently, Santos was arrested the next day.

Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said in a statement:

“Every police officer who has taken an oath to enforce the law also has a duty to respect and follow the law. There are no exceptions. [Tuesday’s] charges come after a vigorous criminal investigation undertaken by the Miami Police Department and the state attorney’s office aimed at ensuring the integrity of our law enforcement community.”

Santos is now suing the city claiming that he was forcibly made to take a blood test on the night in question.

Santos was charged with cocaine possession and he is suspended with pay pending termination.


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