Miami-Dade Cop Relieved to be Wearing Body Cam

Carlos Miller

Miami-Dade Cop Relieved to be Wearing Body Cam After Woman Tries to Bribe Him Despite Union’s Attempt to Block Cameras.

After a long battle by the Miami-Dade police union to keep officers from wearing body cameras beginning a couple of years ago, the attempt failed and officers began wearing the cameras last April, much to the dismay of the department’s union president, who said the cameras would place officers’ lives at risk.

But last month, one officer said he was grateful for the cameras after it recorded a woman trying to bribe him during a traffic stop.

“I’ve never been so glad about these cameras in my life,” said the officer after the woman ended up arrested.

The incident took place on June 19 when the officer, whose name was not released, pulled a woman named Margaret Garcia over for speeding.

Garcia first pulled down the top of her dress to reveal her bra and breasts, but the officer still insisted on seeing her license and registration.

The 26-year-old woman, who is listed as an entertainer on the police report, then attempted to hand over a wad of bills.

Officer: “Ma’am, that’s money.”

Margaret Garcia: “I know.”

Officer: “Why are you giving me money?”

Margaret Garcia: “How much do I owe you?”

Officer: “You don’t owe me any money. I asked for your license and registration.”

The woman also had a bag of marijuana on the center console which didn’t help matters much.

The officer, who said she reeked of alcohol, also said she had an open container of alcohol in the car.

More officers arrived, including a female officer who frisked the handcuffed Garcia, whose bra was still exposed.

The female officer then lifted her dress back up over her bra.

“Thank you for dressing her for me,” the initial officer told the female officer.

Later at the station, the officer says there is $2,000 in her purse as the woman denies trying to bribe him.

That is when he says he’s never been so glad for the cameras in his life.

But Miami-Dade police union president John Rivera.

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