Mississippi Cop who Committed Suicide

Carlos Miller

A Mississippi cop with a history of child molestation shot himself to death

After admitting to pulling a teenage boy over and groping his genitals last month.

Russ Robinson was hired by the Tishomingo Police Department in 2015 despite having been accused of molesting a teen while working at a grocery store years earlier.

The previous molestation was apparently captured on video, which led to Robinson resigning from the grocery store, where he worked part time.

But he was still able to keep his job as a deputy for the Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Office, even though the store owner gave them surveillance video showing the molestation.

It was only after he admitted to the latest accusations to another law enforcement agency who were not going to give him a free pass that he killed himself.

According to USA Today:

Several years earlier, Robinson, a deputy then for Tishomingo County, left his part-time job at Brooks Grocery in Iuka following another such accusation.
Asked if Robinson had been fired, owner Davis Brooks replied, “I don’t want to comment. That’s private information.”
Asked if Robinson had been fired because he allegedly molested a young male there, Brooks replied, “I told you before, that’s private information.”
Robinson left the Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Department after a new sheriff was elected in 2015 and began working for the Tishomingo Police Department.
Tishomingo Police Chief Mike Kemp said he was aware that authorities on March 23 were questioning Robinson about molestation allegations.
“(The allegations of molestation) happened in another county,” Kemp said. “I knew he wasn’t charged.”
He said Robinson was still working for the police department at the time of his death.
Asked about Brooks Grocery, Kemp said Robinson was never fired from there.
“There were some innuendoes,” Kemp said. “We determined that he resigned from Brooks Grocery. I don’t think there was any molesting. Certainly no charges were made.”
The rumor, Kemp said, was that Robinson had said something inappropriate.
“Nobody ever contacted us or said anything,” he said. “I had heard the rumor, but until I had concrete information, there was nothing I could do.”
Asked if he questioned Robinson about this, Kemp said no.

However, another deputy named Jeff Palmer told his ex-wife back then there was surveillance video from the store showing Robinson molesting the teen inside the grocery store, leading to his resignation.

But Palmer does not have much credibility himself, having been suspended from the state Bureau of Narcotics after he was accused of falsifying and forging vouchers “for the purchase of information and evidence.”

And although the store owner refused to talk to the media about Robinson’s molestation, Alcorn County sheriff’s investigators told reporters that he had turned over the video to the Tishomongo County sheriff’s office, confirming it did, indeed, take place.

Despite his death, authorities are continuing to investigate, seizing the computer that Robinson used and interviewing Brooks, who confirmed that Robinson had molested a young male at the store and that he had turned over his store’s surveillance video of what happened to the sheriff’s office.

So for Tishomingo Police Chief Mike Kemp to say “there was nothing I could do” in regards to hiring Robinson is nothing but a cop out.

The allegations, after all, were strong enough for him to resign from a part-time grocery store job, so shouldn’t they have been enough to warrant an investigation? Shouldn’t they have been enough to keep him from being hired by another agency?

Instead, he was allowed to remain as a deputy until he decided to seek a job as a police officer. Talk about the Blue Line of Bullshit.,

He was off-duty and driving a personal car last month when he flashed his headlights to get a 17-year-old boy to pull over.

The teen told investigators that Robinson told him he had sex with two other boys earlier that day and wanted to have sex with him, reaching into his car and groping his genitals.

The teen told the cop he was not interested, then drove home and told his parents, who then contacted the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, who began an investigation.

Robinson admitted to everything the teen said as well as to molesting two other minors.

Robinson, 53, a married grandfather, committed suicide the following day.

We can only imagine how many other victims are out there whose cases were never investigated because Robinson was protected by the Blue Mafia.


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