Missouri Deputy Cites Former Cop with “Eluding” for Driving Half-Block

Carlos Miller

A Missouri sheriff’s deputy was upset

That the woman he pulled over did not come to a complete stop within a millisecond of him turning on his lights.

Instead, the woman – a retired cop – drove less than a block and made a right onto a side street where she then pulled over. She even stuck her hand out of window to motion she was going to pull over.

And once she pulled over, she informed him she had a gun in her purse to keep him from fearing for his life. She also informed him that she had drove a half-block for his safety.

But Jackson County sheriff’s deputy Terry Edwards ended up writing her a ticket for eluding an officer, accusing her of having “an attitude.”

And the courts backed her up on it.

The deputy even had a video removed from YouTube that she recorded highlighting the traffic stop. She reposted the video today with the following explanation and description of her video.

We have uploaded the video to our site and we recommend you do as well because he will not be able to remove all the videos. Her video can be seen here.

This video is from being pulled over by Jackson County Missouri Deputy. The reason he pulled me over was for a lose strap on my trailer that wasn’t even touching the ground. He admitted in court that this was a COURTESY stop, yet somehow I ended up charged AND convicted of Eluding for this. That’s right, ELUDING. This is what our tax payers dollars are funding. Not only did this unprofessional jerk write this ticket to begin with, the court system backed him on it. Just so you know, this Deputy attempted to pull me over on a curve in the road, and after topping a hill, on Woods Chapel at 5 o’clock in the afternoon on a Friday, while I was heading eastbound towards BLue SPrings from Lee’s Summit. For anyone that doesn’t know, the traffic that time of day is like a raceway and I urge you to go and watch the traffic along that road at that time. I put my window down (because my window are tinted) and motioned to him that I was going to pull over. I traveled less than a city block until I found a SAFE location to pull over, since there was NO SHOULDER with which to pull over. I also had my daughter in the vehicle with me. There is about 10 minutes of nothing to see because I was waiting on him while he was waiting for another deputy to respond with a ticket book, so he could write me a ticket. So, that caused ANOTHER deputy to be out of commission so he could write a ticket for this. Ridiculous. This is how Jackson County runs things.
I had originally posted this video on Youtube and he yelled at me (through an aquaintance), to take it off because he was catching alot of flack. When I didn’t, he somehow got it removed. So, now it’s being posted on here again.

So Jackson County sheriff’s deputy Terry Jackson was catching a lot of flack over this video? He has not seen anything yet.

Wait until he starts hearing about all the calls the department has been receiving over this video.

The department can be reached at 816-541-8017. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp can be reached by email at sheriff@jacksongov.org

And feel free to leave a comment on their Facebook page.


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