My Crazy Interview With Copsucker Brian Craig

Carlos Miller

My Crazy Interview With Copsucker Brian Craig Who Defended the Walter Scott Shooting

Last week, I was interviewed by a man named Brian Craig who wanted to talk about the Walter Scott shooting, one of multitude of interviews I’ve accepted since the video went viral.

Most interviews are fairly short with the usual, basic questions as to why citizens need to record cops as if the daily videos of police abuse doesn’t make that clear enough.

So I figured Craig’s interview would be the same, but I realized he was taking a unique angle when he kept referring to Scott as a “dead beat dad” who made “aggressive moves” towards North Charleston police officer Michael Slager.

He said the dash cam video from Slager’s patrol car confirms this, but anybody who has seen the video can see that all Scott did was step out of the car, glance at Slager, then step back inside.

Several seconds later, he stepped out of the car and began running away, only for Slager to chase him and eventually kill him by shooting him in the back, which resulted in the cop being arrested for first-degree murder.

Craig describes himself as an “ultra-conservative” and he comes across as a whiny Bill O’Reilly wannabe. I would describe myself as a middle-of-the-road liberal who leans in the direction  of libertarianism, which is why lately I’ve just been identifying myself as an individualist.

But this issue is not partisan and anybody makes it a partisan issue is blind. This issue affects us all because cops don’t ask for your voter registration before determining whether to beat you or not.

Craig believes that will never happen to him because he is always sure to do what the cop says, no matter what, which is why I called him a “copsucker” in the interview.

And that was only after he called PINAC “a cop hating blog,” which was towards the end where previously he was touting it as a “great blog.”

He also took issue with the fact that I have a dash cam in my car, saying that proves that I am out looking for trouble.

But the dash cam is what allowed me to record the interview from my end, which I combined with the audio from his podcast because unfortunately, my audio was not always clear on the podcast since I was using an iPhone headset.


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