Mysterious Man with Badge Orders Citizen to Stop Photographing Jail

Carlos Miller

Mysterious Man with Badge Orders Citizen to Stop Photographing Jail

A man who identified himself as an “inspector general” tried to prevent a citizen from photographing a Florida jail Friday after flashing his badge.

The man, who was later identified as Marvin Doyal, whose LinkedIn page describes him as “Director of Auditing, Office of the Chief Inspector General, Executive Office of the Governor, Florida” was driving a Nissan Altima and was not wearing any type of uniform.

But he did step out of his car to demand the identification of Michael Burns of Cop Block Central Florida, who recently made national headlines by wearing a “fuck the police” t-shirt to a trial in Broward, which he ended up winning.

“My probable cause is you taking pictures of the institution,” Doyal told Burns, which does not qualify as probable cause considering there is nothing illegal about photographing a jail from public.

When Burns refused to provide identification, Doyal ordered him to step out of the car.

Instead, closed his window and drove off with Doyal following him for about three miles before turning back.

Burns said he plans to return to the Polk Correctional Institute to take more photos as that is one of his favorite pastimes as you can see in the video below. The second video below is audio recordings of Burns calling local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to identify the inspector general. Somebody eventually sent him the LinkedIn page.


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