NC Cops use "911 Hang Up" then "Marijuana Smell" to Search Home — Come Up Empty

Ben Keller

Cops in North Carolina claimed they received a 911 hang up call, then smelled marijuana before searching a home.

Video posted to the Facebook page We Must Speak last week shows police in Dallas, North Carolina at a couple's door after claiming they received a 911 hang up call from somewhere in their apartment complex.

The first officer, who holds the door open and refuses to close it, claims he smells marijuana outside of the couple's apartment unit.

About a minute later, another officer creeps on to the scene saying he also smells weed.

Soon, the two officers apparently forget all about the 911 hang up call then go obtain a warrant, which a judge rubber stamps, to search the innocent couple's home.

It was an apparent fishing expedition.

The only problem: they come up empty.

No marijuana in the house.

The woman recording narrates the hour-and-a-half long video, which we took the liberty of shortening, saying she was just breast feeding and planned on doing hair that day and insists the whole time she had done nothing wrong as police officers ignore her requests to leave.

The video begins with the couple arguing about whether or not the cop has the right to be there, standing in the doorway holding the door open.

The cop, whose badge says Beer, explains that a 911 hang up call came from the same building, although he did not specify it came from the same unit.

"The 911 call came from right here," Beer says, pointing down.

"He won't let me close my mother f---ing door. He done came up here. Mind you — what's his badge number? Call 911, Sheryl," the woman says.

The two go back and forth about the cop being there, and he then changes subjects from the 911 hang up call, claiming he smells weed.

A second cop arrives and gives the same story as well, but only after the first cop tipped him off about what to say.

"I do smell marijuana, as well," the second cop says, nodding his head.

That officer stands in the doorway for over 30 minutes while the first cop goes to get a warrant signed by the judge.

After patting down everyone in the house, and searching through drawers, cabinets, couch cushions, the cops' search comes up empty.

"Please don't tear up my home," the woman begs before a total of six cops begin searching her apartment.

The woman was forced to stop breast feeding her infant, so cops could pat her down.


"All this for a woman that does hair," she narrates as the officers conduct their search.

Initially, we were confused about where the incident took place because the officers' patches said Dallas, but did not match the patches of officers in Dallas, Texas.

It turns out, this happened in Dallas, North Carolina — a place where judges apparently rubber stamp search warrants.

Watch the shortened, edited video above and the full, unedited video below.

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I frequently visit this website and always get something knowledgeable blogs from this website so definitely recommend this website to others.
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If you want to report something, how about the truth. But nooooo, bc these people are lying and doesn’t support your “cause”, you aren’t interested. You are as bad as these liars

vegas jack
vegas jack

Never provide medical aid to ANY police officer.


A 'knock-and-talk' by any other name. If cops show up at your door and you're not expecting them, don't open it. They won't kick the door down because somebody calls 911 and hangs up.

Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull

This is why the pigs in blue don't want cannabis legalized they use it as an excuse to harass and violate your rights.


When you face thugs with badges it is reasonable to fear for your life. Take all necessary measures for self defense.

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