Neighbors Call Police on Man Photographing Wife in own Yard

Andrew Meyer

A California man was investigated by police last week after taking photographs of his wife in their front yard.

According to blogger Libertad Green, after her husband took photos of her in their front yard, police came to their door and asked to see her identification. From Libertad’s blog:

My husband, who is over 20 years older than me was taking this outfit-of-the-day photo by this plant in our front yard. We came inside and I edited the photos and my husband and I were sitting on our couch. I was reading a magazine, he was playing a video game on a smart phone. The doorbell rang twice, then there was a loud knock. I looked outside to see there was a police car parked in front of our house.
My husband answered the door and the officer said there was a call about a 16 year old being photographed under duress. I was asked to show ID, I asked if I had to and was told no, but I was still asked my age, and name. This is not the first time an incident has happened that is similar to this. I feel violated, and abused.
This complaint was ridiculous and unfounded and the police should never have violated the sanctity of our home to check on such a call. I feel that my husband and I are treated unfairly because of our age differences; I KNOW we are. If you are not safe from police questioning and harassment in your OWN home, then where are you ever safe to live in peace? How is it that people that make these calls are not jailed for false reporting? I am a fashion blogger, I take photos nearly every day, sometimes on my own property.
I have NEVER had another problem like this when being photographed on public property, so it’s even crazier that when the police are called it would be while my husband and I were on our own front lawn. Now my husband says he doesn’t want to photograph me in public anymore, or on our own front lawn. He says he doesn’t want to hold my hand in public from fear of being accused of being a child molester, kidnapper, etc. Just why is it worthy of a 911 call if I WERE 16?
A man is not allowed to photograph a 16 year old in an outfit like I am wearing? What if he was my father? My paid professional photographer? What were we doing that someone felt the need to call 911 over? The responding officer did not even apologize for wasting our time.
I can only assume the person that called the police did so out of malice, or they are so stupid they have no business driving down the street. If you really believe in justice and equality and peace for all, please SHARE this story.”

Like the teenager attacked by a crazy woman for recording video over a beach, the neighbor who called the police on Libertad’s husband obviously and wrongly believed that pictures were being taken as part of a perverse and illegal activity.

And local police wasted no time in investigating a non-crime, as both the idea of sex and photography were in play.

The photo that got the cops called on them is below. The photo above was shot on the Fourth of July to remind the neighbors who called the cops about this thing called freedom.


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