New Dash Cam Video Shows Two NYPD Officers Brawling Each Other in the Street

Ben Keller

The NYPD is investigating an altercation between two of its officers that was caught dash cam video.

The New York Police Department is investigating a brawl between two cops on a street in Harlem shoving each other looking about to engage in physical combat before other officers arrive and break up the fight.

The dashcam video shows one officer almost being pushed in front of an oncoming car.

And the other being pushed back into his patrol car.

What are they fighting over?

That is the question.

The one-minute long video begins with one NYPD officer stepping out of his police cruiser then shoving the other officer.

The other officer pushes him back and almost gets shoved in front of an oncoming car.

The officers wrestle, tugging at each others clothes, when one gets pushed into a patrol car.

Eventually, officers begin arriving and break up the officers.

Another patrol car driving towards the scuffling cops captured the tiff on its dash cam but it quickly ended and the four officers can be seen huddling, talking to each other.

The incident took place near Malcolm X Boulevard and 116th Street, according to the New York Post.

It's not exactly clear what events took place leading up to the incident or when the fight took place, because there's no time stamp on the video that was released to the public.

But the NYPD said the video, which was first posted online, is under review after they were recently made aware of footage of the scuffle.

NYPD Police Commissioner James O'Neill said he was clearly disappointed over the officers physical confrontation during the department's monthly crime stats meeting, according to PIX11.

"We hire human beings, it should never happen but we are looking into it," he said.

Dash cam video from the vehicles of the officers fighting, which may show what led up to the incident, has not yet been made public.

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charge them both with assault on a police officer. and get them off the streets!!!!!!!!!


How is it that this armed cop who’s always afraid for his life didn’t shoot the other cop who has a gun as soon as he punched him ?


You hire human beings? When? There is not a fucking single human being on the NYPD.


Lover's quarrel??? 😁😆😅😂🤣😭


"We hire human beings, it should never happen but we are looking into it," he said.

No you don't, you hire jack-booted thugs and this is what you get

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