New Jersey Cop: If Obama doesn’t Follow Constitution,

Carlos Miller

A New Jersey cop decided he no longer needs to abide by the Constitution because President Obama hasn’t done so.

But we can safely assume the Helmetta police officer disregarded the Constitution when President Bush was in office violating the Constitution. 

We can probably assume he hasn’t even thought of the Constitution since he took an oath to defend it before becoming a cop.

He just has that arrogance about him.

The video was posted Monday by activists trying to bring changes to the  Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter in New Jersey, which they claim have been violating state health codes.

The activists maintain a Facebook page where they post public records, exchange information and provide updates on developments.

The Free Thought Project summed up the story here:

Steve Wronko had gone to the Helmetta Police Department with a list of objections about recent violations at the Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter. According to the Community outreach facebook page created to expose the atrocities of the shelter, Reform Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter, there is a long stemming controversy from the Helmetta Mayor, Nancy Martin.
Martin also happens to be the tax collector for the City of Perth. In 2011, Martin made her son, Brandon Metz, the head of the Animal Shelter. She also appointed him to  Animal Cruelty Investigator, Borough Laborer, Water Meter Reader, and Certified Recycling Co-ordinator, according to the facebook page.
When Wronko went to the police department to voice his complaints about the violations of his Constitutional rights by this corrupt, nepotistic system, he was met with even more corruption.
“I’ve made you objections about what’s going on at the shelter over there….,” says Wronko.
To which the corrupt Helmetta police officer replies, “Obama just decimated the freakin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn. If he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

Update: The Helmetta Police Department made the news last year as well for its Constitutionally violating ways.

The former police director alleges in a lawsuit that the mayor ordered police to give tickets to anyone going five miles per hour over the speed limit – but only if they didn’t live within Helmetta’s borders.
Andrew Ely, the former director of the Helmetta Police Department, filed suit in late January against Mayor Nancy Martin, the borough and the borough police department. He’s seeking unspecified damages in Middlesex County Superior Court after he says he was harassed, bullied and stripped of his responsibilities, in part because he reported the preferential treatment of Helmetta speedsters. He was the police director from 2011 until the summer of 2012.

And another lawsuit filed this year on the same issue along with homophobic retaliation.

Another lawsuit. the third of its kind, has emerged that alleges a small central New Jersey town illegally enforces its traffic laws by targeting out-of-town drivers.
George Kosanovich is the third former police officer for the borough to claim that officials threatened officers to give out traffic tickets and other fines so the borough could meet its budget, part of a de facto quota system that made cops fear for their jobs.
Except this time, Kosanovich is claiming that he was also bullied by co-workers and the mayor because he is gay. He quit the force because of the harassment in July 2012.
The complaint says in January or February 2012, Mayor Nancy Martin inquired of a member of the Public Safety Committee, “Is George gay?”
“There was no legitimate non-discriminatory reason Mayor Nancy Martin needed to know whether the Plaintiff was a homosexual,” according to the complaint. “Thereafter, (Kosanovich) was subjected to repeated acts of bullying, intimidation in the workplace, harassment, and frivolous disciplinary action which resulted in him being no longer able to tolerate his work environment.”
The complaint also said Kosanovich was threatened if he “did not produce” by writing two or three summonses per shift, he would not be sent to the Police Academy.


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