New York Cop Block Activist Dead In Mexico of Drug Overdose


New York Cop Block activist turned fugutive Adam Rupeka was found dead in Tijuana, Mexico this week.

Rupeka ran away with his girlfriend Jennifer Ogden on Easter weekend, claiming persecution related to a nasty divorce after Troy Police charged him and his girlfriend with unwanted sexual contact with a 15-year old minor.

Mexican news outlet Zeta Tijuana reported the tragic news first, followed by New York media outlets next.

In a dramatic pair of YouTube videos, the last two on his Capitol Cop Block channel, Rupeka attempted the use of misdirection, claiming to flee to Canada.

“I’m just sad that the truth will never come out,” said Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman, “and that Adam’s life will only be remembered for the end.”

PINAC readers pointed out that Canada has an extradition treaty with the United States, but Mexican law is far less stringent when it comes to sending back US nationals to face justice.

Most of them are returned, but as the Affluenza Boy case showed, legal maneuvering can delay, extradition.

Sadly, Rupeka didn’t want to duel in court.

Jennifer Ogden left a goodbye message on Facebook on April 1st.

He and Ogden left one last note on the bathroom mirror of their room at the Hotel Ceasar:

“Take our identifications and give them our bodies. Nobody knows we’re in Mexico.”

But now we all know.

And this is the sad, last chapter of the New York police accountability activist who shamefully ran away, when hauled into court by the Troy Police department, rather than fighting to clear his name after bonding out of jail.

Without any final words or video that we know of, it will never be clear to the fans of Rupeka‘s Cop Block columns if he maintained his innocence until the end, or why he bothered with such elaborate motions to flee and conceal his location, only later to take his own life.

But Rupeaka’s ex-wife and child will have to live with that burden of not knowing.

And it definitely doesn’t explain why Rupeka and his girlfriend took their lives while profesing that nobody knew where they were…


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