New York Man Reaches Settlement for Unlawful Arrest for Flipping Cop

Carlos Miller

Nathan Baker. Remember that name.

He’s the Saratoga Springs cop who pepper sprayed a man before twisting his arm backwards to force him out of the car back in May.

All because the man, Adam Rupeka of Cop Block, flipped him off as he drove by, an act that is protected by the First Amendment – no matter how rude you may find it.

In fact, Rupeka just agreed to a settlement with the city of Saratoga Springs in upstate New York, which is confidential, but can be obtained through a public records requests, according to the Albany Times-Union, which other media companies are doing.

After the May 16 incident, Rupeka’s dashcam video of the incident quickly went viral, which led to charges of obstruction and resisting arrest being dismissed against him.

And Baker, who was so cocky and arrogant during the arrest, was placed on unpaid suspension before he was forced to resign.

That means, Baker will likely be hired by another police department and that is why it’s important to remember his name.

Especially after you see the video from inside the police department after they had brought a handcuffed Rupeka in for booking.

Baker is a bully. A thug. An arrogant asshole with anger management issues. He deserves to be flipped off a hundred times over.

“Sit down or I will sit you down,” Baker tells Rupeka inside the booking room, who is standing and handcuffed and unable to see because he had just been pepper sprayed.

“I told you, I’m having trouble breathing,” he tells Baker.

Baker then walks up to Rupeka, grabs him by his throat and tries to force him to sit down with the assistance of another officer.

When Rupeka is having trouble sitting, his hands are cuffed behind him, after all, Baker knees him.

“You want to be a douchebag or you want to cooperate,” Baker asks him after they finally sit him down.

“I can tase you, I can pepper spray you again. I can give you hard hand strikes.”

When another cop asks Rupeka if he would like to be checked out by paramedics, Baker pipes in and threatens to withhold medical treatment until he “cooperates,” which at that point, it’s not clear what he needs to do to please Baker other than fall to his knees and lick his boots.

It should be noted that the other cops and paramedics acted professionally, which indicates there possibly is professional leadership in that department and that Baker did not fit into the culture of that department. At least that’s the impression they’re giving out.

Rupeka did say, however, he flipped the cop off after hearing allegations of abuse in that department. Read his account of the settlement here.

Nevertheless, Baker would be a perfect fit in a number of other agencies throughout the country, especially the New York City Police Department.

And that is why we must remember his name. Nate Baker. Bully. Thug. Arrogant asshole with anger management issues.


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