New York State Trooper Media Spokesman Said he is Not Same Trooper

Carlos Miller

New York State Trooper Media Spokesman Said he is Not Same Trooper Who Handcuffed Videographer

New York State Trooper Jack Keller said he is not the same Trooper Keller that handcuffed a man last week for video recording him during a protest.

Jack Keller, who is a public information officer, contacted me today wishing to clear his name, telling me he had received a multitude of phone calls from irate PINAC readers.

“People were telling me they wished I had cancer,” he said. “It was shocking to see the people calling me.”

Keller also said he used to be a television news photographer before he became a police officer, so he fully supports the right to record in public.

He also said he did not know the name of the trooper in the above video.

“I work in Troop D, which is in central New York,” he said.

The trooper in the video apparently works in Troop F, which is in southern New York, as you can see on the map below

Obviously, he could have obtained the trooper’s name, especially considering he is a public information officer, but I’ll let him slide because of the turmoil I put him through this week.

I apologized to him and said I would make a correction.

I wasn’t 100 percent they were the same people, which is why I put it out there as a question, but I did see a resemblance between the two men.

But as Keller said, it’s not that hard to find similarities between two troopers when both are wearing sunglasses and hats.

The trooper who detained the videographer is in the top photo. Jack Keller is in the bottom photo. My bad.


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