NJ Cop Caught on Video Has History of Violating Rights

Carlos Miller

New Jersey Cop Caught on Video Intimidating Youths Has History of Violating Rights (Updated).

A New Jersey cop confronted a group of young men sitting on a front porch, threatening to choke them, inviting them to fight him and threatening to deport their families – even though he never articulated a reasonable suspicion that anybody committed a crime.

The Passaic cop was upset that the kids mouthed off to him as he was driving by.

The cop’s name is Sergeant Roy Bordamonte, according to a petition that has been launched demanding his removal, which has more than 1,200 signatures so far, many who are familiar with him and say he regularly abuses his badge.

“You were talking shit before,” the unidentified cop can be heard saying, apparently oblivious that he was being recorded as the lens is never pointed at him.

“Let’s go, C’mon,” he continues as if inviting them to fight him. “You said, ‘get out the fucking car and we’ll find out.'”

So obviously, words were exchanged, but at time, it is not clear who said what first.

“You go to school? What school?”

One of the teens answers and the cops say, “What are you, fucking special ed? You’re a fucking idiot? You might be an idiot because you mouthed off?”

And because of that, the cop threatened to enter their homes and harass their families.

“I’m going to knock on your fucking door,” the cop tells the youths. “I’m going to knock on the door and check your mommy’s ID and all your fucking cousins and relatives. And when they give me that bullshit name, I’m going to have immigration pick everybody up, so they can cross back to the border or Pueblo or whatever they came from.

“And all that hard work they came though to come to America?

“You fucked it up.”

“Turn around. Put your hands on the fucking car because if I think you might be moving or going for me, I will choke your ass out.”

“I’ll make this shit like fucking Texas, bro. Or like Arizona? They just fucking stop and start checking people for no fucking reason. Who the fuck you think you are?”

“What the fuck you’re looking at? Staring at me like that? You’re going to kiss me?

“I’ll fucking knock you the fuck out.”

The second video below shows Bordamonte from a previous incident where he was threatening to shutdown a barber shop because people were drinking beer inside.

UPDATE: Hundreds of Passaic residents gathered in front of city hall Tuesday evening to demand the removal of Bordamonte, according to NBC New York.




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