NJ Man Swaps Desecrated Thin Blue Line Flag with Real U.S. Flag as Cops Drive By

A New Jersey man took matters into his own hands and removed what he calls a desecrated American from an intersection.

A New Jersey Man took it upon himself this Memorial Day to remove what he views as a desecrated United States flag from an intersection and replaced it with an unaltered American flag as a way to honor those who lost their lives while serving in the military.

All while the cops drove right by him in broad daylight.


Video of the patriotic flag swap was uploaded to youtube Channel New Jersey Exposed before it made its way to our news room along with a patriotic honoring those died while serving in the military.

At the intersection/jughandle at Rt35 north and Apple Farm Rd the blue line special interest flag has been flapping in the wind for some time now. In respect and memory of those who served in the military and died on the battlefield protecting freedom, the American flag has now replaced the desecrated flag.

The six-minute long footage begins showing the camera pointing towards and intersection with two signs at an intersection. One says 35, with an arrow pointing north and one pointing south, and the other says Apple Farm Rd.

The man then jogs across the street and begins lowering the Thin Blue Line flag, which he says is a desecrated United States flag.

It takes him a couple of minutes to take down the flag as passing cars keep driving and don't seem to notice.

A passing police SUV at the 1:42 doesn't seem to pay the man much attention either.

It takes a couple minutes for the man to finally get a real United States raised up before he can be seen crossing back across the street and finally turning off the camera.

People left comments about the video, mostly praising the man.

"Thank you for removing that flag of Treason on Memorial Day," one person commented.

​"When you let them have them at the police station, the next thing you know they're forcing them down your throat out in public. If they had their way they'd be everywhere. I agree, there's something more egregious for it to have been on Memorial Day," Jerry Fleming commented.

​"There will be retaliation by the Blue Line Gang ----- But it will be a trumped up charge.. NO THEFT OCCURED," Mark W wrote.

​Last June, we reported about how cops in Florida brought a Thin Blue Line flag to school for a photo opportunity with elementary school student.

We also reported about how two protesters were arrested for desecrating a Thin Blue Line flag in Texas last June.

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Damn jacked up flag is fubar. Hooah


The Thin Blue Line is the most dangerous gang in America.


They are trying to break up the US and are slowly turning this country into Nazi Germany. It may not be in our life time but it will probably be in our childrens, where all hell breaks lose. Might be a good idea to just take the fight to them now so our children can be free from their tyranny.


After the cop goes by, you hear a little "blast" coming from the cruisers siren, kind of a "heads up, I saw that".


A real hero .. get thay terrorist flag and burn it . We the people will not have you desecrate our flag .