NM Prosecutor Argues to Keep “Angel of Death” Police Expert Witness


New Mexico Prosecutor Argues to Keep “Angel of Death” Police Expert Witness From Testifying in Boyd Murder Case.

Hearings are under way in the James Boyd murder case, the homeless man who was gunned down during an illegal camping bust, and none other than the Angel of Death “psychologist” was testifying.

Unfortunately for him, he was systematically destroyed by the special prosecutor for the case.

As we previously reported, Dr. William J. Lewinski travels the country explaining to cops why they should not think twice before they shoot suspects – and then charges $1,000 an hour to speak at their trials to justify it when they take his advice.

On Friday, Special Prosecutor Randi McGinn moved to exclude Lewinski, or at the very least, limit the scope of his testimony.  She even went so far as to quote Jon Stewart to call BS on his entire career.

“There is B.S. out there is what he [Jon Stewart] said, but he used the real words,” said McGinn. “And he said when you smell it, you need to call somebody on it, and that’s what this is.”

“This man is part of the problem and not part of the solution for police officers,” McGinn continued. “He’s going around training officers to shoot first and he’ll come in and defend their conduct; that it’s OK to shoot people in the back. It’s OK to shoot unarmed people.”

She went on to discuss how Lewinski has been allowed into a lot of courtrooms, but that many of them are secret grand jury proceedings.

“He’s brought in to sort of whitewash when police shoots somebody.”

She stated that he needs to be stopped, as he is not qualified and has not studied clinical psychology. She reminded the court that in New Mexico you cannot come in and claim to be a psychologist if you are not licensed anywhere. She asserted that while he is giving opinions, he is improperly representing himself as a psychologist, and does not comply with scientific standards.

She also brought up the fact that he is biased and solely being published in police magazines is not the same as peer review.

“This is the exactly like the experts that the tobacco industry developed to come in and say that smoking does not cause cancer.” McGinn asserted.

McGinn went on to say that he is going around the country doing this, and asked that the New Mexico court help her to stop him there so that his antics do not continue.

District Court Judge Neil Candelaria ultimately allowed Lewinski on the stand, but was limited to focusing on the officer’s action and reaction time.

We will be releasing full video of the testimony broken up into segments as part of a series on the dangers of Lewinski’s work.


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