North Carolina judge Beth Dixon learns hard lesson in social media

Carlos Miller

North Carolina judge Beth Dixon learns hard lesson in social media

North Carolina Judge Beth Dixon appeared to be cruising for a reelection to a third term come this November.

But that was before the Rowan County District Court judge wiped her ass with the Constitution last month byconvicting a woman for videotaping police officers from her front porch.

That caused the woman who has spent the last six years having full control of her courtroom to lose complete control of her Reelect Judge Beth Dixon Facebook page.

An onslaught of criticism on that page, much of it from Photography is Not a Crime readers, forced her to delete the page entirely on Tuesday.

At first she tried to keep up with the comments by deleting them every few hours. Then she tried to disable comments to her wall.

But that still allowed comments on her previous posts.

Finally, she just deleted the page altogether – exactly 24 hours after I launched the Defeat Beth Dixon on Rowan County District Court Judge Facebook page – and 11 days after she convicted Felicia Gibson for resisting arrest.

Why did she feel she have enough evidence to convict Gibson? According to the Salisbury Post:

Dixon found Gibson had interfered with the officer’s ability to do his job as he dealt with a traffic stop.

In other words, Dixon believed Gibson was preventing the officer from doing his job by videotaping him from her front porch.

Dixon had about 350 followers when she deleted her Facebook page, but many of those were PINAC readers who were forced to like the page before they could comment. She probably had about 315 genuine followers before the onslaught began.

Meanwhile, her opponent, Douglas A. Smith, has 224 followers on his Facebook page as of this writing. Smith has yet to comment on the Gibson case even though he is being urged to do so on his Facebook page.

My Defeat Beth Dixon Facebook page has 269 followers as of this writing.

For a few extra dollars, not sure how much right now, I can turn the Defeat Beth Dixon page into a Facebook ad targeting readers in Salisbury. It would come up on the right column of their own Facebook page, which might work on a subconscious level by the time they step into the booth, considering most voters don’t have a clue about the judges they are voting on anyway.

If I can raise some donations through my Legal Defense Fund, I’ll start putting the ads up.

Dixon still has a website outside of Facebook. Here is her opponent’s website.

To get an idea of what type of comments were left on her Facebook page before she deleted it, check out the screen grabs below. Click to enlarge.


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