NYPD Cop Hires Sex Worker, who Steals his Car and Gun

Carlos Miller

The woman, gun and car are still missing.

An off-duty New York City police officer picked up a sex worker in his private car Monday night, only for her to end up stealing the car when he pulled up to an ATM and stepped out to obtain cash to pay for her services.

The cop's service weapon was inside the stolen car.

According to the New York Daily News:

> The 38-year-old cop allegedly picked up the street walker at Liberty Ave. and Sackman St. in Brownsville and was taking her to an East New York hotel when he stopped at a nearby ATM to pull some money for their transaction.

> He unwisely left the woman behind in his idling car — and she hit the gas and peeled off, sources said.

> The 13-year NYPD veteran’s Smith & Wesson pistol was inside the vanished vehicle, the cop admitted when he reported his car stolen.

> Investigators have not located the car, woman or gun.

It was only last month that seven NYPD cops were arrested for their involvement in a prostitution ring run by a former NYPD cop and his wife, a former sex worker, according to ABC 7.


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