NYPD Cop Slips Finger into Man’s Anus and Wiggles it Around

Carlos Miller

NYPD Cop Slips Finger into Man’s Anus and Wiggles it Around

An NYPD cop with “an odd fetish” slipped his finger into a man’s anus and wiggled it around after confronting the man inside a bodega for having a bulge underneath his shirt.

The bulge turned out to be a cellphone on a belt holder.

But even after NYPD officer Febres realized it was nothing but a phone, he proceeded to stick his ungloved hands inside John Hidalgo’s pants, penetrating his anus with his finger and fondling his penis and testicles.

He then he issued Hidalgo a summons for disorderly conduct, which was dismissed in court, according to the New York Daily News.

Hidalgo’s lawyer said not only was Febres’ hand dirty and ungloved, but he did not even use lubricant. And the more Hidalgo protested, the deeper he thrusted his finger, which is why he said the cop has an odd fetish.

Hidalgo told the Daily News he was scared at the time of the incident.“I wasn’t sure what was happening,” he said. “I’m feeling like I’m being violated.”“I remember feeling his finger on the tip of my phallus,” Hidalgo, 48, recalled. “I said you ‘’What are you doing?'”
“He got more angry. He pushed me more hard to the wall and said ‘Don’t move,’” Hidalgo said. “He started on my back, in my butt, and then he started wiggling his finger.”
“I got mad. I said, ‘Why are you violating me?’ I said, ‘I wish I had the right to shoot you in the head,’” he said.
Hidalgo admits he shouted a pejorative term for homosexuals at some point during the encounter.
His lawyer said Hidalgo is not a homophobe but was simply scared.
“Rather, as a heterosexual with a limited IQ who had never before been anally penetrated, let alone by someone’s bare, dirty hand and without lubricant, this seemed terribly wrong to him and his reaction was perfectly appropriate under the circumstances,” the lawsuit states.

It was only last October when the NYPD was celebrating Febres as a cop not afraid to get his hands dirty in search of drugs, tweeting out his photo along with a couple of bags of weed with the following statement:

“Carrying your #marijuana stash where the sun don’t shine won’t keep Officer Febres from finding it. That’s dedication. #itswhatwedo.”

Yes, it’s what they do. And it’s also what gets them sued.


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