NYPD Handcuff Videographer In Times Square For Recording Arrest

Carlos Miller

NYPD Handcuff Videographer In Times Square For Recording Arrest.

New York City police officers handcuffed a videographer after he refused to show them identification early Saturday morning.

Felix Maurent, who was wearing a National Press Photographers Association badge around his neck, was videotaping an arrest.

His video shows an NYPD officer ordering him to leave the area, accusing him of obstructing foot traffic, even though it was obvious he wasn’t obstructing anything.

The officer then demanded his identification, but Maurent stated he was under no legal obligation to do so. And he was right.

The cop walks away and the video ends.

A minute later – after Maurent had turned off his camera – the officers stormed up and handcuffed him because he had not shown them identification.

“He comes back and says if you won’t show me your ID, I’m going to take you to jail,” Maurent said Sunday afternoon in a phone interview with Photography is Not a Crime.

Another man with a video camera captured a clip of Maurent with handcuffs. Maurent can be heard complaining of an unlawful arrest with a camera and NPPA press badge around his neck.

That video is below.

Maurent said he was released ten minutes later. He said he filed a complaint with the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board and will be talking to attorneys.

“They had no right to handcuff me,” he said.


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