Oakland Protesters Record Themselves Destroying Cop Car

Carlos Miller

Oakland Protesters Record Themselves Destroying Cop Car While Police Keep Body Cams Off Before Killing Man

Oakland protesters have always raised the bar when it comes to activism against police and this past weekend was no different when a mob of people surrounded a police car with flashing emergency lights and destroyed it.

Yelling, “fuck the police,” the crowd jumped on top of Oakland police car, shattering windows and smashing the roof down while recording early Sunday morning.

At first, it appears as if an officer may even be inside the car because it looked as if the car pulled onto the street with wailing sirens, but after watching the video, it appears as if the car was parked in the street with nobody inside.

The vandalism went on for more than a minute without police intervention and it doesn’t appear as if any arrests were made, judging by news reports out of Oakland.

But later on Sunday, Oakland police shot and killed a man they say approached them with a fake gun.

The officers were wearing body cams, but they were not recording at the time of the shooting.

They did, however, turn them on after the shooting, even though that video has not been released.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

“It is absolutely made to look like a real pistol,” Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent said.


The officers were wearing body cameras, but the cameras were not turned on at the time, he said. The cameras were turned on after the shooting, he said.
Whent said the Police Department’s body camera policies do not require the devices to be turned on at all times. The cameras must be turned on when an officer is approaching or contacting a person, he said.
In this case, the officers were filling out paperwork and didn’t approach the man, Whent said. The man approached the officers.
He said the officers were shocked when they found out the gun wasn’t real.

Both incidents took place during a sideshow, which is an illegal gathering of citizens who race cars or perform stunts with their cars.

More than 700 cars were involved in this weekend’s sideshow, resulting in two arrests and ten vehicles impounded, according to the California Highway Patrol.

One of the people arrested had led police on a two-and-a-half mile chase before surrounding.

Police have not released the name of the man they killed.



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