Ohio Police Assault Man for Recording

Carlos Miller

Ohio Police Assault Man for Recording, Who Then Tells Them, “Say Hello to YouTube, Motherfuckers”.

Police in Ohio arrested a man in July, claiming he rolled up on them on his bicycle as they were conducting an investigation and began yelling profanities at them.

But now that they’ve released his camera, we can see they lied.

The video shows he only yelled profanities at them after they assaulted him for recording.

We can also see they also lied to him when they told him it was illegal to record a juvenile without parental permission.

Parma police ended up charging Deo Odolecki of Cleveland Cop Block with disorderly conduct and obstruction, charges that are still pending.

But charges that should be dismissed if the prosecutor has any integrity (one can only wish).

The incident took place on July 29 as Odolecki was riding his bicycle and came across several Parma police officers conducting an investigation involving a family.

The juvenile in question, appearing to be a teenager, was sitting on a rail surrounded by cops. He was not handcuffed. Other family members, including a woman and children, were standing off to the side.

At the time, Odolecki thought the teen was getting arrested, but he later learned the teen was threatening to jump off a bridge and police were trying to talk him out of it.

But all the cops would tell him when he began recording was that he needs to go away because the teen was having “a real bad day.”

When Odolecki refused to go away, Parma Police Sergeant Ken Gillissie stormed up to him and assaulted him.

“First of all, he’s a juvenile so you can’t film him without his parent’s permission,” Gillissie said, taking a swipe at the camera.

“Take a walk!” Gillissie ordered as Odolecki told him, “don’t touch my shit again.”

“Take a walk or you’re going to jail,” Gillissie continued.

“For what?” Odolecki asked.

“For obstructing,” Gillissie responded.

“For obstructing what, I’m on public property,” Odolecki asked.

Gillissie assaulted him again, so Odolecki complied with his order to “take a walk.”

Odolecki walked across the street and continued recording.

“Public property, arrest me now,” he said. “This guy likes to violate people’s fucking rights over here.”

“Say hello to YouTube, motherfucker!”

One cop started yelling at him that he was “offending small children.”

Less than a minute later, Gillissie and another cop cross the street and place him under arrest.

According to his YouTube description:

I had a F-ck the Police sticker from the Copblock.org store on my phone when they stole it, now it is missing, so one of them took it off while it was in their custody! So I ask you. After looking at this unedited video, do you think I belong in a cage or was Sgt. Gillesie the one who belonged in a cage? I get assaulted and then I am arrested for it. I ask the people of Parma and Ohio, is this the service you would pay for if they weren’t collecting the fee from behind a gun?

He goes to court on November 10.

“This video could have been titled hero cop saves kid, but no, its gotta be Sgt. Gillissie assaults man filming,” Okolecki said in a Facebook interview with Photography is Not a Crime.



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