Oklahoma Family seeks Investigation after Man Tasered 27 Times Dies

Ben Keller

Family of man killed by Oklahoma cops demands criminal investigation.

The family of Joshua Wayne Harvey, a man who died after being tasered by three police officers a total of 27 times in three minutes, is demanding a criminal investigation.

On August 24, Tulsa police say Harvey, 25, was acting strangely downtown and removing his clothing.

Body cam footage shows officers pursuing Harvey, following him into a bank where he allegedly broke a door with his head before officers began tasering him.

Harvey, who had history of struggling with mental illness, died three days later on August 27.

Damario Solomon-Simmons, the family's attorney, says his clients aren't satisfied with the investigation into Harvey's death.

"They did not do their jobs," Solomon-Simmons said

"They broke the laws when they excessively, unnecessarily and illegal tased him 27 times in a period of approximately two minutes."

The Tulsa Police Department's use-of-force report found no wrong doing.

Solomon -Simmons is asking district attorney Steve Kunzweiler to take over the investigation, according to Fox25.

None of the officers seen in the video have been charged with any crimes.

Watch the press conference and full video of the incident below.


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