Oklahoma Police Unable to Explain Why Body Cam on Cop Who Killed Man

Carlos Miller

Oklahoma Police Unable to Explain Why Body Cam on Cop Who Killed Man “Malfunctioned” (Updated)

Oklahoma police shot and killed a man over the weekend, then called a press conference to release body cam footage to ensure complete transparency.

However, they released all the footage surrounding the shooting except for footage of the actual shooting.

That footage was never captured due to the officer’s body camera inexplicably malfunctioning.

But Sand Springs Deputy Police Chief Mike Carter insisted his officers are not as trigger happy as cops are proving to be across the nation.

“This is not ‘another police shooting.’ This is the first police shooting in 17 years in the city of Sand Springs. That is not the culture of a gun-happy police department,” Carter said.

As far for the body camera the officer Brian Barnett was wearing on Saturday, April 11, it was last known to be working on April 3, Carter explained.

Carter said Barnett’s body cam malfunctioned and didn’t record the incident. He said the last time the camera had worked properly was April 3, 2015. Officers are supposed to plug their cameras into the computerized system that automatically downloads the video once a shift.
The department doesn’t routinely look at officers’ video, Carter said, because there’s so much of it. Instead, the department accesses individual video when there’s an issue to be checked.

The man they killed was Donald Allen, a 66-year-old Vietnam veteran with a history of mental illness. Police were dispatched to his home following reports that he was shooting a gun in his backyard.

Police released body cam footage from another officer who was behind Barnett, which shows Barnett conversing with Allen through a door before retreating.

“Don’t shut the door. Sir you’re about to get shot man,” the officer warns on the video.
Allen threatens saying, “If I have to I’ll kill you.”

They also released a telephone conversation between a mental health specialist and Allen’s wife during the standoff, who informed police that her husband suffered from schizophrenia and had been off his medication for a year.

During that conversation, four gunshots can be heard, which came from Barnett’s gun.

UPDATE: Another video has surfaced showing the aftermath of the shooting with paramedics and cops hovering around Allen’s bloody body.


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