Oregon Cop Appealing Citation for Driving into Doughnut Shop

Carlos Miller

Oregon Cop Appealing Citation for Driving into Doughnut Shop

An Oregon cop who ran a red light and struck a pedestrian before driving his patrol car into a doughnut shop earlier this year was found to have violated department policy and state law.

But Bend Police Corporal Robert Emerson is an award-winning officer, which means he only had to pay a $260 fine for a traffic signal violation.

And he is appealing that, according to KTAU:

Data from Emerson’s squad car computer show he was traveling 66 mph in a 35 mph zone with lights and sirens on for 1.5 seconds before he T-boned a green 1997 Chevrolet truck.
Porter said Emerson made a mistake, but he was an otherwise exemplary officer with eight citizen commendations and 10 internal commendations over his 13-year career. Porter said this is Emerson’s only violation.
Emerson declined to comment. He was convicted of his traffic signal violation and has since filed an appeal of the decision.

The incident took place on March 5, one hour into his shift, as he was trying to stop a suspected stolen car by speeding past the car to deploy spike strips.

But he ended up T-boning the Chevy truck, which sent his patrol SUV skidding across the intersection, striking a pedestrian before crashing into the Dough Nut shop.

Luckily, no employees or customers were injured and the pedestrian he struck suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

“In his zeal to apprehend suspects he could have been more alert to his situation,” Porter said. “His intent was to try and arrest felons, not to try and better a personal agenda.”


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