Oregon man impersonates cop as he assaults news videographer

Carlos Miller

A man who believes he is some type of cop was arrested for assaulting a news videographer in Oregon Wednesday.

Peter Fournier can be seen approaching KATU news videographer Bob Bullock as he was filming footage for a weather report.

Fournier is covering his face as he approaches, then pushes his back against Bullock’s camera. He then calls Bullock a “loser reporter.”

And at one point, he pulls out a badge and acts as if he is a cop.

He later said that he was upset that Bullock was filming children as they were getting dropped off at school – which is not illegal and actually quite common for a news report.

He was arrested for assault, malicious mischief and impersonating an officer. Earlier this year, he was arrested for using a stun gun on a 16-year-old boy as he was dressed in a security guard uniform. Yes, he is one of those.

Bullock ended up with thousands of dollars in camera damage as well as bruised ribs and a cut hand.


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