PA Fire Chief Insults Man with Camera, Threatens to have him Arrested

Carlos Miller

Pennsylvania Fire Chief Insults Man with Camera, Threatens to have him Arrested.

A Pennsylvania fire chief threatened to have a man with a camera arrested simply because the man suggested they set up a perimeter that would show people where they would be allowed to stand.

“You want to keep running your mouth,” said the man identified as Uniontown Fire Chief Charles Coldren in the video that was uploaded to Youtube Monday.

“You’re not going to tell me how to do my fucking job. Now you keep running your lip, we’ll have you fucking arrested.

“You can record me all you fucking want, I don’t give a flying fuck.”

The overweight senior citizen then insinuated that he wanted to fight the man with the camera.

“If you want to put that down, you want to take it to another level, let’s go.”

When a cop walked up, the fire chief pointed to the man, referring to him as a “motherfucker.”

The cop walked up, asked where the man lived and just advised him to go on home.

While the man had the right to remain out there and the cop was nowhere near as aggressive as the fire chief, the man abided by the request, probably realizing he was fighting a losing battle.

Coldren’s verbal tirade is reminiscent of the one by Miami-Dade Captain Greg Smart earlier this year. In fact, Statter 911 is referring to him as “Captain Smart of the North.”

Last week, CBS Miami reported that Smart will not face any disciplinary actions over his unprofessional outburst.

Email Chief Coldren by clicking here or call (724) 438 6900.

UPDATE: Check out Taylor Hardy’s attempt to interview Uniontown officials over this incident.


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