Pennsylvania Man Insults Activist Makes Racial Epithet to Videographer

Carlos Miller

A man with no shame about his racist beliefs allowed himself to be recorded

While he was insulting a group of activists in Pennsylvania, calling the black videographer a “chimp,” a “nigger” and making monkey sounds to further berate him.

Neither the videographer, Tom Jefferson, nor the other activists, allowed themselves to be sucked into a physical confrontation with the man, which seems to have been his goal.

They just allowed him to make the fool of himself. The video, posted by Jefferson, has more than 82,000 views on YouTube as of this writing.

The incident took place Sunday in Butler where the activists were protesting against Rex Energy and how they’ve been drilling for gas near schools.

The activists are made up of white grandparents in rocking chairs, if that makes any difference.

At issue with the grandparents protesting Monday; the proximity of the drilling to nearby schools.
“We oppose this activity completely; fracking in general, but especially by the schools,” said Laurel Colonello, another protester.
The Mars Area Middle and High schools are both within a half mile of the Geyer Well Pad.
“Fracking is not appropriate near schools. At all. Period,” Pirrung said.
Pat Creighton is a spokesman for Rex Energy.
“Rex has no higher priority than the safety of our employees and the communities where we operate. At this specific site, Rex has provided regular operational updates to the Mars Area School Board,” Creighton said.

At one point, he comes closely to assaulting Jefferson by placing his hand in front of his lens and telling him, “get your camera out of my face, asshole,” even though he was the one that walked up to the group.

He also told Jefferson, while looking at him with complete contempt in his eyes, that he was only the tenth black person he had ever seen in his life.

“They all look the same to me,” he said.

He then walks off, sees an activist with a child and advises her to teach that kid “good morals.”

UPDATE: Members of Reddit called Rex Energy, who said he does not work for them.

UPDATE II: The man has been identified as John Pisone, whose Facebook page shows a man who likes to hunt, shoot, fish and go mudding, when he apparently is not working.

UPDATE III: A Rex Energy representative contacted PINAC News and said Pisone is not an employee of Rex Energy.

UPDATE IV: The company that had employed Pisone terminated him as you can read in the screenshot below from their FB page.

Photos and screenshots below are from his FB page. The video is also below.


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