Philadelphia Cops Swarm ATV Riders during Rally for Slain Biker, Arrest 20

Ben Keller

Police arrested 20 people riding ATVs and dirt bikes through the streets of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia cops arrested 20 people after hundreds of dirt bike and ATV riders swarmed the streets Philadelphia October 5 during a rally honoring a slain biker who was murdered four years ago.

A department spokesperson said a massive group of riders took over intersections in West Philly, Stawberry Mansion and Torresdale, popping wheelies and speeding by cars in traffic.

Police said they spotted the riders near 34th and Girard Avenue at around 3 p.m. Sunday.

The group of riders assembled as a way to remember fellow biker Kyrel Tyler also known as "Dirt Bike Rell," who became popular on social media for producing videos of stunts on his dirt bike.

Kyrel Tyler AKA "Dirt Bike Rell"

Tyler was found inside of a vehicle shot in the head four years ago.

Several police cars were recorded trying to keep up with the ATVs and dirt bikes, which are illegal to drive on city streets.

A news helicopter captured one of the riders driving through a cemetery, according to KYW New Radio.

Police say that person was included in the 20 people arrested.

Two guns and about 30 dirt bikes were seized by authorities.

Although some riders fell as police attempted to pursue the group, nobody was seriously injured .

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No different than antifa street blockers. Book ‘em, Danno.

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