PINAC Expands, PIO Who Arrested Carlos Miller Gets Banished from HQ


PINAC Expands, PIO Who Arrested Carlos Miller Gets Banished from HQ (Podcast).

PINAC News is growing and pleased to announce new sections, which will include our upcoming expansion of columns from longtime correspondents like Jeff Gray aka Honor Your Oath as well as new additions.

As you’ll hear in this podcast, new additions to the site include PINAC Live!, where will we be conducting live interviews with people from around the country, as well as an entirely new section called “The Tablet,” which will be a news feed of links and information that have not yet been expanded into full articles.

We chose the name Tablet because the word PINAC is an old Greek word for tablet, which was one of the oldest forms of communicating news to the masses.

We invite readers to call our PINAC Hotline and leave a message with your story tips or your own personal Photography is Not a Crime stories.

We conclude the podcast discussing the arrest of our publisher Carlos Miller by Miami-Dade Police Major Nancy Perez during the Occupy Miami eviction in 2012.

It’s extremely unusual for police brass to get their hands dirty in an arrest – what’s more usual is attempting to delete citizen journalist footage – especially when evicting 200 activists.

It’s even more unusual when that arrest is made by a media spokesperson.

Recently, Nancy Perez accepted a transfer from the Miami-Dade County Police Public Information Officer back out to a district post just under 18 months after being exposed testi-lying on the stand in Carlos Miller’s trial. A significant fall from grace for police brass, someone who must’ve had eyes on a Chief position in Miami-Dade or elsewhere.

We also discussed the details of Feidin Santana’s stunning video in North Charleston leading to the murder arrest of Officer Michael Slager in the murder of Walter Scott.

And finally, we are increasing our staff of writers to produce several stories a day, so if you would like to help in our expansion, please donate to The PINAC Fund.


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