PINAC Reporter Jeff Gray Arrested Twice in One Week

Carlos Miller

PINAC Reporter Jeff Gray Arrested Twice in One Week After Photographing Law Enforcement

Only days after being arrested in Northern Florida, PINAC reporter Jeff Gray was arrested again Saturday after recording video in front of the Orlando Police Department.

Gray was standing outside the department, recording police officers as they drove out of the parking lot to see if they were wearing their seatbelt.

One female cop pulled out, wearing her seatbelt, asking him if he was a tourist, but when he said no, she didn’t suspect him of being a criminal, merely informing him that the current police department will soon be torn down and be replaced by a newer building. She smiled as she drove away. Another cop then pulled out, not wearing a seatbelt, then drove off.

Minutes later, another cop parked alongside the road and stepped out, confronting him about taking photos. Then more cops showed up.

They repeatedly asked for his name and the site he was working for, but he only told them it was a site “out of Miami.”

One cop frisked him against his will but when they realized he wasn’t going to voluntarily hand over his identification, they allowed him to leave.

But as soon as he stepped back into his car and drove away, they pulled him over for an obstructed license plate because he had a police union badge that many cops use who don’t get pulled over on that excuse.

They then obtained his drivers license and told him it was suspended, which is when they arrested him.

However, his license is not suspended. He even confirmed it this morning at the Department of Motor Vehicles, which you can see towards the end of his second video below.

His license is “disqualified’ from being used as a commercial drivers license, meaning he is not allowed to drive tractor-trailers as he did for 20 years before retiring last year. He has no intention of ever driving a truck again, so keeping his commercial drivers license updated is not exactly a priority.

However, his license is in good standing to operate regular vehicles, which is what he was doing Saturday.

On Wednesday, Gray had the same issue with the Lawtey Police Department who also arrested him and placed him in the back of a patrol car for twenty minutes before realizing his license was valid.

But the Orlando Police Department wanted to make an example out of him for daring to stand up to their Constitutional challenges in front of their police station, so they took him to jail.

It’s no wonder only 20 people showed up to their rally for Orlando Police Appreciation Day.

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