PINAC’s Jeff Gray Accused of Being Drug-Running Sovereign Citizen

Carlos Miller

PINAC’s Jeff Gray Accused of Being Drug-Running Sovereign Citizen who Fights with Cops.

The Florida Fusion Center, a supposed high-intelligence counter-terrorism task force made up of federal, state and local cops, has falsely accused PINAC’s Jeff Gray of being a dangerous domestic terrorist who collaborates with drug fiends and scraps it out with police officers on the streets.

Those of us who know Gray or follow his HonorYourOath Youtube channel, know nothing could be further from the truth.

So clearly the Florida Fusion Center is purposely libeling him to make cops believe he is a violent criminal, which can easily lead to him being killed considering how trigger-happy they are these days.

Either that or the the agency which receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding is truly incompetent and needs to be shut down immediately, considering they’re putting an innocent man’s life on the line.

The false information was most likely compiled by a St. Johns County Sheriff’s detective named Angelo “David” Rosado, who has been heading the investigation on Gray ever since the PINAC investigative reported started exposing Florida cops for their violations of his First Amendment right to record.

Gray discovered the false allegations against him when he made a public records request to the Clay County Sheriff’s office last week, asking for any documents that contained the name “Jeffrey Marcus Gray” as well as “HonorYourOath.” He has made the same request to other agencies in the past with varying results, but none as egregious as this.

The two biggest lies about him include the one at the top of this story, accusing him of being a “sovereign citizen,” which is considered a domestic terrorist group, an organization that Gray has never been involved in. They even list his address on a map along with other accused sovereign citizens.

The other fabrication is included in a six-page document that associates him with a man named Eric Walter Novak, whom Gray has never even heard of, accusing him of being a passenger in the car during a huge drug bust, although acknowledging there is no actual documentation of this, which is their way of saying they can make anything up as they please. The document also states he does not have a concealed weapons permit, when he’s always made it clear he does have one and is very open about advocating for gun rights.

Gray’s attorney, Eric Friday, who is considering legal action. stated the following:

Given the actions of some sovereign citizens toward law enforcement officers, false accusations identifying Mr. Gray as a sovereign citizen are defamatory and increase the risk of an overreaction to Mr. Gray’s clearly lawful conduct.

Gray, who called it a “reckless endangerment of my life,” says he will not let the cops intimidate him from continuing his First Amendment audits.

“I’m very transparent in what I do,” he said. “I put everything on Youtbe and I’m known to be peaceful and polite in my encounters. It’s obvious they’re lying. They just didn’t think they would get caught.”

Below are photos of Rosado from his Facebook page before he removed the page from public view.


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