Prison Guard Confronts Man Video Recording Outside Prison Walls

Carlos Miller

Prison Guard Confronts Man Video Recording Outside Prison Walls.

Vince Megna, a high-profile lawyer in Wisconsin, was working on a satirical political video outside the walls of a state prison when he was told he was breaking the law.

That, of course, just made the video much more satirical.

“This is state property,” the prison guard tells Megna, who is standing on a public sidewalk open to all citizens.

“We’re telling you that you’re trespassing, you cannot be on state property.

“Filming the institution, period, is a very big security risk for us.”

Meanwhile, cars are continually whizzing the Waupun Correctional Institution, which is smack in the center of Waupun, aka “The Prison City” because it also houses two other state prisons.

In other words, these prisons are not exactly shrouded in secrecy.

The prison guard, who was sent by prison warden William Pollard, appears to be a lieutenant.

Megna had shot some footage in front of the prison last Sunday for the upcoming video titled “Scott Walker Ain’t No Bitch.”

When he returned to shoot more footage on Wednesday, he was confronted by the guard, who ended up calling the cops.

The cops didn’t seem too sure on how to handle the situation, but Megna and his videographer left without further altercations.

This is how he described the film in a Facebook interview with Photography is Not a Crime.

It is a satire on Governor Walker’s recently established criminal defense fund. He is being targeted by a John Doe investigation. He has hired 2 top tier white collar criminal law firms. By setting up the fund, he can funnel campaign money to pay his lawyers. Scott Walker doesn’t care about the people of Wisconsin, he cares about the Koch brothers, getting a fox news show and celebrity status. The video mockingly seeks contributions from Union Workers, the poor and the unemployed.

Megna expects to have the video posted by next week.

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