Production Company Takes Swipe at Cop Watchers after Cops Kill “COPS”

Carlos Miller

Production Company Takes Swipe at Cop Watchers after Cops Kill “COPS” Crew Member.

A crew member of the television show Cops was shot and killed by a cop in Nebraska this week while trying to record footage of a confrontation between police and an armed robber.

Video of the shooting has not been released, but, of course, police say they have reviewed the footage and claim the cop acted within policy, even if the suspect only had an air gun.

Fair enough. Bryce Dion, 38, knew the risks accepting the job as an audio engineer for the long-running show that never fails to paint the cops as heroes, so I will give the cops the benefit of the doubt in this case for now.

However, in mourning his death, a television production company that specializes in pro-cop reality shows took a bizarre shot at citizens who record cops, accusing them of having “no good motive” and promising to “continue to stand with police officers with our cameras to tell the real story, expose the evil acts that destroy our society and help capture the killers that still walk free.”

In other words, Crime Stoppers Case File Chicago is trying its best not to lose its access to police embedment and the advertising dollars that come with painting cops as brave heroes now that police may have second thoughts about allowing television crews from riding with them in the wake of Dion’s death.

But as much as America loves their cop reality shows, it is those citizens on the streets with their low quality cameras and their Youtube accounts that have provided us with the true reality of how cops act on the streets.

Thanks to them, we now know who the real Bad Boys are.


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