Saratoga Sheriff Stonewalling PINAC on Records After Arresting

Andrew Meyer

Saratoga Sheriff Stonewalling PINAC on Records After Arresting Head-Slapping Deputy

Last month PINAC broke the story of a Saratoga deputy who slapped a man on camera for refusing to let his car be searched. After PINAC’s coverage helped the story go viral, the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department arrested and forced the resignation of Sergeant Shawn Glans.

Fast forward to one month later, and the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department is still stonewalling PINAC’s public records requests.

PINAC correspondant Douglas Hester reports:

“Saratoga County NY finally sent me a HEAVILY redacted copy of the radio traffic log in the Shawn Glans/Colin Fitch incident last month. From the little they gave me it looks like the names of the other deputies (at least one of which participated in the illegal search of the car) were Daurio and Willetts. Their unit IDs were 4125 and 4123, respectively. There were also respective numbers of 7 and 8 attached to their names, don’t know if that means badge numbers, car numbers or what. The rest of the page is blacked out. The accompanying letter states that the case has been referred to a special prosecutor and that I have to petition him for the other info I requested. Of course I will do so.”

Stay tuned for updates on the status of PINAC’s public records request, because we’re just getting started on this one.

The heavily redacted traffic log is posted below.


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