Slain Baton Rouge Police Officer Just Became Father (Updated)

Carlos Miller

Slain Baton Rouge Police Officer Just Became Father (Updated)

One of the three police officers killed today in Baton Rouge just became a father, according to social media reports from a man who referred to himself as a “former partner” of the officer.

The slain officer’s name is Montrell Jackson and he became a Baton Rouge police officer on August 25, 2013, according to his Facebook page.

He also became a father earlier this year. A very proud father as you can see in the screenshot below.

Below is the screenshot from Marcus Tillman, who referred to Jackson as his former partner. In the screenshot below that one, his friends refer to him as a “good guy” and a “very sweet and caring guy.”

And judging by his page, he does come across like a good man.

UPDATE 4:16 p.m. Below is a Facebook post made by Jackson on July 8 regarding the events following the killing of Alton Sterling, including the “reckless comments” made by many.


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