Joshua Brown

Prison nurses are hired to give medical attention to inmates.

But one South Carolina nurse gave sexual attention to an inmate instead.

A Chester County Detention Center nurse was charged with having sex with an inmate and aiding an inmate’s escape from prison, according to a recently released Chester County Sheriff’s Office report.

Katherine Heckman, 38, was arrested on Nov. 28, 2017 following a 30 day plus sexual relationship with a male inmate identified as Sean Lyles, 33. Interestingly enough, Heckman is the daughter of jail supervisor Richard Odom. Odom is not part of the investigation because he had no knowledge of the encounters.

Cops received an anonymous email stating that from October 1st to November 27th Heckman and Lyles had a sexual relationship. Heckman took Lyles offsite on several occasions to have sex.

Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood said:

“I will not allow this type of behavior. This is not going to be tolerated, this is the first and last time. We got on this quick, as soon as we heard about it, and put an end to it.”

Underwood said he is looking into how Lyles may have been able to leave the property and return unnoticed, and what supervision may have been lacking. Heckman was not a sheriff’s office employee, but a practitioner nurse from a company that contracts with the sheriff’s office to provide medical services at the detention center.

Heckman who is also an EMT has been suspended without pay by the Chester County EMS, pending the results of a criminal investigation. If Heckman’s EMT license is revoked because of this situation, the county will end her employment.

Heckman is charged with first-degree sexual misconduct with an inmate and escape/aiding escape from prison; she was booked and released on a $22,000 bond, according to jail records. Lyles, who is already serving time for an unrelated crime, faces additional charges of escape.


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