Teen Accused of Dragging NYPD Cop w Stolen Car 'Not Guilty' of Attempted Murder

Ben Keller

New York teen accused of dragging an NYPD detective with a stolen car has been acquitted of attempted murder.

A Brooklyn jury reached a not guilty verdict on Monday for 16-year-old Justin Murrell who was charged with attempted murder for allegedly attempting to injure or kill NYPD Detective Dalsh Veve with a stolen vehicle.

Instead, the jury found Murrell, who was 15 when the incident occurred, guilty of first-degree assault just a few hours after deliberations began, according to NY1.

Police say Murrell intentionally tried to kill and injure Veve during a traffic stop after a house party in June 2017 while driving a stolen vehicle.

After Veve stopped the allegedly stolen vehicle, Murrell sped off.

However, Veve held onto the vehicle, which dragged him several block at 50 miles per hour as he fired two rounds at Murrell, grazing his face.

Murrell veered "right and left with the wheel trying to get officer Veve off," until he was eventually flung from the Honda Civic.

Veve suffered severe brain damage from the incident and is unable to remember who his wife and daughter are, or walk.

Murrell's defense attorneys argued their client did not intend to injure Veve, who had been promoted to detective in October 2017.

Prosecutors argued Murrell should be punished harshly in spite of his intentions.

"This case is about two young men," assistant district attorney Melissa Carvajal argued to the jury.

"One will never walk again, one will never use the bathroom [on his own], one will never speak in full sentences, one doesn't recognize his wife or 4-year-old daughter," she said.

"He's completely dependent on 24-hour care and will never recover."

Murrell, who faces up to 10 years for first-degree assault, is set for sentencing in January.

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Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

You’ve got to be kidding me unless the prosecutors were just simply down right incompetent and the judge or the jurors weren’t buying it no matter what like they always have.😎


Tat, sorry, but the crook was a car thief, who then crippled someone with the stolen car. Thus the crook was not an ‘unarmed black male”. He was armed and dangerous, and deserved to be killed, rather than the cop being crippled.

Let’s drag you around at 50MPH and see how you fare.


"One will never walk again, one will never use the bathroom [on his own], one will never speak in full sentences, one doesn't recognize his wife or 4-year-old daughter."

How is this relevant to whether or not the person accused did it?


Wow, what a nice guy you are


Oooooh, how terrible. Cop too stupid to let go gets dragged. But, at least he still did his duty of attempting to kill another young, unarmed black male. Kudos to the idiot cop. I feel for your wife and child, but not you. Not that it matters as you do not remember. Wait, that is what you say when accused of giving false information.

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