Texas Cops Delete Man's Footage After Arrest. Man Recovers Deleted Footage.

Theresa Richard

Olmos Park police deleted footage from a man's camera after arresting him.

An open carry activist who was arrested in March during an open carry demonstration said Olmos Park police deleted his footage before returning his camera.

But Jim Everad said he was able to recover the footage with software he downloaded from the internet.

Now he plans to turn the SD card over to forensic investigators to determine when the footage was deleted, which depending on the time, could implicate the police department if it was deleted when the camera was in its possession.

Everad says he and fellow open carry activist, C.J. Grisham, who was also arrested during the March 27 demonstration are planning on filing a federal lawsuit against the police department.

"The police reports are full of lies," Everad said in an interview with Photography is Not a Crime. "One of them said the chief of police came up and told me to take the rifle off and put it on the ground, which he never did.

"And I told him no, if you want my rifle, you have to come and take it, which is a blatant lie

"All the officers’ reports are completely made up and that is a crime I itself."

The recovered video shows that verbal exchange never took place.

The violent arrest was captured on other video as well, including the part where Grisham was tasered, which can be found in its entirety here.

The demonstrators were protesting against a city ordinance banning the open carry of long guns without a license by anybody except police officers, which went against state law that does permit it.

The activists were charged with resisting, impeding a walkway, and interfering with the duties of law enforcement. Police also seized the pair’s cell phones along with their firearms, open carry permits and, of course, their cameras. They were released 21 hours later after posting bond. Charges against them were all dropped last week.

Everad says that Grisham, who is the Open Texas Carry president, phoned the Police Chief Rene Valinciano the day before their arrival to ensure that police would not be caught off guard and there would be no violence. The recording can be heard in the above video.

But when the two arrived with several other activists who were also recording the incident, they were met with assault rifles drawn and were ordered to lay face down on the ground.

Everad says he never expected the incident to escalate the way it did and was even more surprised with the chief slammed him on his head after he had already been handcuffed, causing a concussion. Everad also suffered broken bones in his wrist.

The two men were taken, along with activists Joanna Castro who was arrested on a warrant, to the Olmos Park police department where officers kept them for eight hours bound in handcuffs and shackles. They were eventually taken to the Bexar County jail where they were posted bond.

Everad says officers denied medical attention to both he and Grisham, who also suffered from a contusion on head.

The Olmos Park City Council repealed it's gun ordinance, which had been in effect since 1985, two days after the protest.

Watch the recovered video here.

Carlos Miller contributed to this report.

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Although this is not a crime, it is. A action that will get you targeted by American intelligency agencies, as is any involvement of a civilian reporting on government activities when they are now acting in a criminal capacity, the targeting of American civilians in our country by Homeland Security, FBI, NSA, Fusion Centers, Local and State police, Infraguard, National Neighborhood Watch groups, Citizen Corps, etc. This program is well documented and has led to the deaths of many Americans. There are now support groups in all fifty states for targeted individuals. The actions of these agencies are criminal and the agencies and people involved in this program need to have charges brought against them and be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed against American civilians. I have been targeted since 2012 in three different states after having to flee my home state of 49 years in a effort to escape the terrorist activities these agencies direct against civilians never charged with a crime. I suffer assaults, repeated break ins, drugging, poisoning, stalking, vehicle tampering, theft, etc on a daily basis and have since 2012. The actions of these government funded agencies can only be compared to the actions of the SS in early Nazi Germany. We need the help of our elected officials who have knowledge of this program yet refuse to speak out against it. This program has grown to large and is to well documented to keep silent about it, now is the time to put a end to this State Sponsored and Funded Terrorism, this will not resolve this issue though till all parties involved are arrested and brought to justice, I am documenting the actions of these agencies daily, am facing felony charges after being set up and framed as homeland security and the Harris county police were running exercises i n a subdivision where I had bought a house to remodel, Harris county police officer Munoz constantly harassed, trespassed, stalked, etc before he and Harris county police raided my house and jailed me. The reason for this eight year assault on my life is me being the 911 grassroots organizer in Alaska, and a website I had reporting on government crimes that was facing popularity at the time my house was raided. I started this website again when stalking followed me to Houston aTexas it was taken down as all other websites I had all communication hacked and blocked and house burned down. This is shown if you look at the history of the site on archive.org. These programs must end now for each day that passes only escalates the ramifications the knowledge of such criminal acts taken by government agencies will have when brought to light, there is no doubt the time is growing near for there is to much documentation to keep this silent much longer.
NSA whistleblower William Bonney and Kirk Wiebe help explain this in detail.
NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart also has much information. The view count does not indicate the actual knowledge of these programs, only the censorship taking place in all American mass media and social networks.

Thank you
Keith Lankford

I have contacted all us Senators about this repeatedly

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

They’re simply going to keep on doing these things because courtrooms are lenient on disciplining them and until these courtrooms starts doing their jobs on a level playing field and the Lord almighty will judge them the same way and they’ll think that his judgement is unreasonable and unfair.😎


the current chief is incompetent thug who recently arrested people for lawfully carrying a weapon. A lawsuit is coming to olmos police dept for his illegal actions. Hope the victims get a sizable settlement.


Consciousness of guilt. As happens in these cases, the video withheld or erased shows the cops lied in their reports to cover for crimes by the cops.


All of these Officers involved, especially the Chief needs to be fired, and charged criminally. What a pile of shit police department. I guess with me being a law abiding citizen, a state licensed firearms instructor, CHL holder, and Level 3 commissioned officer, id be harrassed, tazed, and thrown in jail and treated like a common criminal for clearly nothing more than exercizing my right to open carry whatever firearm i choose, including a rifle in your town? How the hell do you cowards even think that what you did would be a good idea. I think your city needs to do an IQ test and a mental health exam before you hire any police officers or officials . Because youre quite clearly stupid enough to think that what you did, including erasing video will ever stand in Texas. No. Damn. Way.


The Whole Department needs to be Fired, Locked up in Prison and replaced by honest Cops!

Citizen Journalism