Texas Homeland Security Cop Almost Attacks PINAC Correspondent

Carlos Miller

Texas Homeland Security Cop Almost Attacks PINAC Correspondent for Recording Federal Building (Updated)

A Homeland Security police officer tried his best to escalate a confrontation with a PINAC correspondent who was conducting a First Amendment audit on a federal building in Houston Monday.

David Warden was standing outside the building with his camera while standing on public property, not saying a word, when two Federal Protective Services officers stepped into the gated parking lot.

“Take your camera off me, please,” the officer said. “You’re violating ….”

But then he must have thought better than to make up a law as they tend to do.

However, he then came rushing out of the parking lot, getting within 12 inches of Warden’s face.

“What is the nature of your business around here taking video?” he asked.

“Would you not walk up on me so close,” Warden asked.

“I just want to talk to you,” the officer replied, his hands lifted towards his face as if he was either trying to hide his face from the camera or getting ready to strike Warden.

Warden asked for the cop’s name. The cop asked for his identification. Neither man obliged.

“Get back from me,” Warden repeated. “I’m telling you step back.”

“What can I do for you?” the cop asked, continuing to invade Warden’s personal space.

“Get the fuck back, that’s what you can do, give me so personal space,” Warden replied.

“I’m just here walking, just like you’re here walking,” the cop responded.

The situation became very tense, especially when the cop started saying, “you better bring me some hands,” which is a sign a cop is about to shoot somebody.

Warden’s hands were in full view, one holding a camera, the other by his side.

Fortunately, a third Homeland Security arrived and deescalated the incident, a fed named Sisler whom Warden met on a previous audit in a video posted below, showing there is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things.

UPDATE: We also posted a third video where Warden gives us an update.






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